Jim Adkins Battle With Anxiety

Jim Adkins Battle With Anxiety

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Jim Adkins is the lead singer for Jimmy Eat World. Now at this point you’re probably trying to figure out why the I’m taking the time to make a post on a musician. One word, Anxiety. Jim suffered from really bad anxiety where he’d have trouble getting on the stage to sing his songs.

Now to the relation to fitness. It’s no secret that people that are overweight are insecure about their body works.

Jim Adkins Battle With Anxiety

A lot of people that have bodies people would envy are insecure about their bodies. I suppose not all insecurity is that bad, but when it gets out of control you’ll end up with anxiety. I’m sure how doctors would define anxiety, but I’d define it as worrying(and all the biochemical stuff that goes with it) about things you can’t control.

I was talking to someone I know at the gym that is overweight. My gym is two floors. The first floor is full of cardio stuff and a few weight machines that mainly women use in circuit training. The second floor is the weight room where all the lifters are. It’s odd, but most people that are overweight stay on the cardio floor.

I suggest to this person, to come down to the weight lifting floor and get some real exercise in. They said they felt intimidated, that everyone down there was in good shape and that they were fat.

First off, no one cares. No one gives a flying f#^&. We’re all busy exercising.

I can say I’ve never been looking at a fat person or thinking bad things about a fat person. I have my own stuff going on. I have my own life, with my own issues to deal with. Seriously, no one cares. In fact, most people will have an unspoken respect for you to actually make the effort to change.

Secondly, there may be someone that gives you a funny look or laughs.

I know a lot of us think that life changed from the days we were in Junior High, but for some, they’re still pretty insecure. That’s life though. You need to live your life the way you want to without feeling the need to have the approval of others.

Back to Jimmy Eat World. There first hit(I think) was The Middle, which was a song about Jim’s anxiety and how he dealt with it.

Don’t be afraid to go down with the people you think are perfect. They’re not. Seriously, you’re better off. They probably got that body by doing what they do, you should give it a try.

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