She Wanted To Lose Weight And Almost Lost Her Life After Surgery

She Wanted To Lose Weight And Almost Lost Her Life After Surgery

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Losing weight through a liposuction and abdominoplasty, to improve her health as her knees were being injured, became a martyrdom for a woman from Los Angeles on October last year.


As a bad practice by her surgeon, she was taken to the Regional General Hospital 36 “San Alejandro” of the Mexican Social Security Institute.

The affected woman said that three months ago she had a weight of 90 kilos and now she is 67. The suggestion of her treating doctor, before October of last year, was that she had to lose weight. Since by conditions of her age the cartilage of her knees was had worsened and she was given prostheses so that she could stand and walk on her own.

She Had To Lose Weight Immediately

She explained that her treating doctor asked her to lose weight to avoid further knee injuries, so she made the contact. But consultations were in The Puebla Hospital, although she accepted that before the procedure he underwent several medical examinations.

On October 27, 2016, she had her surgeries performed, and on the 28th of that month, the doctor said, she was discharged, which caused her surprise because of the delicacy of the surgical procedure and the promptness of leaving the hospital.

After a few days, she noticed that a yellowish liquid was emerging from the wound and immediately afterward, she said, she was affected by pulmonary thrombosis.

In this sense, he complained that although he made these complications known to the plastic surgeon, he merely said that he did not place the girdle tightly in her abdomen and then with needles and syringes drained her, on more than one spot of her body. A reddish liquid in addition to what she assumed was fat.

The first time he rushed to hospital was for pulmonary thrombosis and loss of consciousness, while the second and third was due to pain in the lower abdomen. The last occasion was January 23 and it remains there.

It Was More Complicated Than Expected

The complaint of the patient is that in addition to the abdominal pain and the fluid that suppurates by the wound, in the inner part a form of callosity has been formed, it defines it because the inner skin became hard and at any moment had an inflammation in her stomach.

So, now is under a new medical evaluation, she said, to see if she is a candidate for another operation since this internal problem could grow, causing more damage to her health.

The woman, 68 years old, said that she underwent the surgical procedure in which she invested 45 thousand pesos, not counting the other expenses that she had to do, for health and not beauty, and evidenced the bad practice with the intention of preventing someone else from having the same problem.

Until yesterday afternoon she was still hospitalized in the sixth floor of “San Alejandro” waiting for the results of the examinations to know if doctors are going to operate again.

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