Summer Body: 6 Tricks To Lose Weight In A Month

Summer Body: 6 Tricks To Lose Weight In A Month

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Summer is just around the corner and now is when the rush comes to look good, something you’ve been letting go. But nothing happens, take note and get going now!

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If you want to have a perfect body this summer, we’re going to tell you how to lose weight in a month. Activate the emergency code because you have to like it when you open your bikini on the beach or in the pool. And, even if it seems to the contrary, we are not going to ask you to do any miracle diet nor will we promise you a radical change in a month, but we can assure you that in such a short time it is possible to get some improvements.

No. This is not a Phen375 related post. We are not going to use any fat burners to shed that fat under your skin. It is all about fitness and training to get a better version of yourself.

Want to find out how to lose weight in a month? Keep reading!

1. When should you start?

If your question now is, when you should start, the answer is NOW! When you start doing sports or putting your body in shape, it is okay to notice a significant difference in two or three months of training if you follow a balanced diet and train regularly.

However, a month is enough time to begin to notice changes in your body and, above all, to feel more comfortable with yourself and with more confidence when you put on your bikini. So take paper and pencil, be aware that you can do it and be constant. In four weeks you will thank us!

2. Exercises throughout the day

Do not be scared; we are not going to ask you to spend the day doing sit-ups (although some will have to do). However, certain exercises can be done very simply, and you can integrate them almost without realizing it as part of your day to day life.

For example, you can try doing an excellent exercise to train legs and butt while lying on the couch watching TV. Lie down sideways with your legs stretched and raise and lower your leg up to 50 times.

When you finish, turn around and do the same with the other leg. After this, continue with this same exercise but doing 40 repetitions, then 30, then 20 and finally 10. Do it every day, and after a month you will arrive with beautiful legs to the beach.

Another tip, sure to like you more, is that you prove to yourself that shopping is healthy. When you make all those purchases that you will need for the holidays, carry the bags with your elbows slightly bent. Thus you will get toned shoulders and arms. Finally, the more you buy, the better!

3. Tone your abdomen

As important as legs and arms are having a toned stomach when summer comes. In this case, you will not have another to try with the abs and push-ups. But let’s go in parts.

To do the abdominals well, be sure to place your hands in front of you, for example, crosses on the breasts, not on the nape of the neck, as you will unconsciously push forward and you may injure your back or neck. On the other hand, when doing push-ups try not to raise your rear up while doing them.

In this case, you have to make an effort with your arms and keep your back as straight as possible. Do not torture yourself too much by doing them. Test with four sets of 10 push-ups and sit-ups on the first day, The second with 12, the third with 14, and so on.

4. The dreaded squats

Squats are the perfect exercise to sculpt your figure perfectly, no matter how much you hate this exercise. On holidays, we mostly show the legs, whether in shorts, bikinis or mini skirts, so this exercise will work great for toning your legs and glutes.

Be sure to do squats well, otherwise, it will not do any good. This means that you bend your knees forward, your weight concentrates on your heels and you lower your body with your back straight.

5. What type of training does work?

With only a month to go, you’ll have to work hard to get results quickly. But the good news is that fast workouts can be very effective if you know how to do them.

In addition to the exercises we have told you, if you want to lose weight quickly, you need to do some cardio , for example, on an elliptical machine, on a bicycle or just doing running . In this sense, it is a common mistake to think that the harder the exercise program the more effective it will be.

The best way to lose weight is with interval sessions, interspersing parts faster and lighter with others a little harder and more intense. This exercise has to be on your list yes or yes, If you want to achieve your goal.

Choose the exercise of your choice, alternating one intense minute with a softer one, and then return to maximum effort for another minute and then lower. And so over and over again. You will notice the results. If you need an extra idea, here are eight super effective GAP exercises (gluteus, abdomen and legs).

6. Your weight loss diet

Yes, you will inevitably have to think twice before attacking the chocolate or the chips if you want to lose weight and look better this summer. Fruit and yogurt are two of the healthiest alternatives. But rather than focusing on what you eat, think about how you eat it. Forget the miracle diets that will make you regain weight as soon as you abandon them; you have to think about changing the habits that have led you here.

Therefore, focus on following these tips:

  1. Eat consciously without distractions. If you eat while watching TV or do other things, you will not realize when you are satiated.
  2. Eat slowly and chew well. This way you will notice that you fill up sooner and you will help your stomach to digest the food better.
    Stop eating when you are full. You are no longer a girl who has to eat everything on the plate;
  3. When you notice that you are satiated, remove the food and save it, and you will eat it later. Make three meals of reasonable size (not extra large) and two small meals between hours. The five meals will suit you very well to keep your metabolism up and to run.

Let’s Recap

To achieve your goal of having a perfect body for the summer, we are going to collect the tips that should become your commandments:

1. Take care of food

You must be careful about what you eat. Think that this month is going to be special, so fill your menus with fruits and vegetables, fish and grilled or baked. Avoid snacking between hours and whims that will not help you in your goal.

2. Heat, cool, stretch

Remember to always warm up before starting each exercise. Once you begin to cool, it’s time to pull. It seems boring, but it is very useful, it will make the exercise have more impact on you and will prevent injuries.

3. Intervals of training

The exercises are fundamental, Both of which you can do every day (from climbing stairs instead of the elevator) to specific ones. Squats, Sit-ups, push-ups and interval cardio will do the rest.

4. Evaluate your progress

A good way to know if your training has a result is to measure your progress every week. Do not despair if one day you feel more swollen. You will see how from Monday to Sunday you notice the difference.

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